About Us
This Dalmatian Rescue site in Victoria has been set up as a private rescue site for Dalmatians who are in need of a new home/rehousing, including DEAF Dalmatians. The operators who run this site are members of: DOGS Victoria (formerly Victorian Canine Association (VCA)) (www.dogsvictoria.org.au), have been and/or are currently members of Dogs Vic.incorporated: - Obedience Clubs, All Breeds Clubs and Breed Specific Clubs.

As the Dalmatian is one of a few dog breeds that carry the congenital deaf gene, some Dalmatian puppies are born deaf and as such need special care when being placed with their new forever homes. We have had great success in sourcing suitable homes for these deaf Dalmatians as well as hearing Dalmatians.

Dalmatian Rescue Victoria is a private service offered as an alternative to Breed Specific Club rescue services as some Dalmatian Clubs in Australia still have a Code of Ethics that states that “DEAF PUPPIES MUST BE HUMANELY DESTROYED”, this Code of Ethics applies to breeders who are members of that Dalmatian Club.

There are some deaf puppies and dogs that have been bred by breeders who are not, or have chosen not to be members of these Clubs and as such are not bound by the Club Code of Ethics.

In our opinion ALL Dalmatians have a right to receive assistance in finding good homes rather than being “put down”. Whilst DEAF Dalmatians need particular care with training and routines, they can be as successful as hearing dogs in their homes. There are DEAF Dalmatians who compete in agility and obedience trials as well as lead happy and safe lives with their families.

The operators of the Dalmatian Rescue Victoria site have had extensive experience in placing hearing as well as deaf dogs and are willing to provide advice and assistance for all Dalmatians and their families.


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