Dalmatians Rehomed by the Dalmatian Rescue Victoria

Peg is a 6 month deaf pup who is absolutely gorgeous. She loves her new home, especially the older dog Pepper. She now walks quietly on lead and is full of mischief. Her owners say that she is learning to sit and wait for food. She stands quietly whilst the lead is put on her. Her new owners Pat and Terri say she is a quick learner constantly watching them for instructions as they use their hands as well as their voice.

I can't believe that we have had Kiki a year today!  Just to let you know, she is definitely part of the furniture (literally) and is a very happy go lucky lady.
She has 3 very good friends that she sees during the course of the week and loves to play and run with them.
We have now got a new puppy, which is 11 weeks old today and they are really good together.  Gracie is an Old English Sheepdog, who is really confident and adores Kiki.
We have also been dog sitting for our friends and Kiki loves to have them stay and is so good with any visitors.  Next week her Dalmatian friend is staying for 2 weeks, so lots of fun for her and hard work for me.
Anyway, it was just a short note to say all is well and she is just a great dog who is so happy and well loved.
Kiki is loved by all my friends and many people stop and talk when we go out for walks thinking she is still a pup.  They are also surprised that she is deaf as she is obedient (most of the time), they obviously have not seen the treats hiding in my pocket!!
I forgot to tell you that when we got her we don't think she had seen the sea, as when we took her to the local beach and the waves were lapping back up on the beach she was really scared.  Today she chases her friends into the sea/water and loves it, although she is still not sure about swimming.

Indiana is about 16 months old and has improved so much since her time in the Rescue Service, despite being deaf. She is still the gorgeous, loveable and full of fun dog that first came to our house but she is more in control of her actions. She has learnt the house rules and generally obeys them. She walks beautifully on and off lead, always looking to see where the humans are. She is a fabulous dog.

Indiana has the ball in her mouth.

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